• AGR Winter Bonanza Scholarship


    This scholarship is open to graduating seniors who recently showed at Winter Bonanza


    Download the AGR Winter Bonanza Scholarship

  • Bill Sallee Scholarship:


    Pi Chapter members who truly have the financial need and exhibit leadership and citizenship traits like Bill Sallee including individual endeavor, resourcefulness, aggressive effort and a balanced lifestyle. One $500 scholarship will be awarded.


    (Funded through the National AGR Foundation)



  • Virgil and Maxine Stratton Endowed Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship Fund

    Virgil and Maxine Stratton Endowed Alpha Gamma Rho Scholarship FundThis endowment, with the OSU Educational Foundation, was made possible by the generous gift of Brother Virgil Stratton in 1988.

    Recipient will be a full time student enrolled at OSU and a member of Alpha Gamma Rho. The primary selection will be based on financial need with demonstrated leadership, leadership potential and academic performance. Applicant will need to provide a statement of purpose, budget including income and expenses, and copy of transcript.

    Applicants should provide 1 copy of the application packet to each member of the selection committee including the Noble Ruler, Rush Chairman, Chapter Advisor(s) and Alumni President.



  • Aebi-Cox Memorial Endowment

    This scholarship, made possible by the Pi Fund, is available to Brothers of Pi Chapter and is awarded through the Agriculture Economics Department at OSU. To be considered for this scholarship, you must meet the eligibility requirements and submit the Continuing Education Scholarship Form by the required deadline.

  • National AGR Scholarships


    The Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity has several scholarships that have been established by members and friends of the fraternity. You can apply on the national website.


    National AGR Scholarship Application