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  • Pi Fund of the Alpha Gamma Rho Foundation


    The Pi Fund
    When you contribute to the Pi Fund of the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho, you are helping to create a Chapter that fosters wisdom and moral character in the members of your Chapter. Your gift ensures Growth, Security, and Perpetuity of Pi Chapter by supporting the programs and scholarships that can not be financed through the Chapters normal operating budget. Your support will benefit your Brothers for generations to come.

    What is the Pi Fund?
    The Board of Directors created the Pi Fund in 2003 to encourage donations to Pi Chapter. Donations to the Pi Fund support excellence in academic achievement by funding scholarships, equipment, materials and programs. The Pi Fund is approved by the Oklahoma Alumni Association of Alpha Gamma Rho and the National Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho.
    How is the Pi Fund administered?
    The Pi Fund Advisory Committee shall consist of three Alumni each elected to serve a three-year term, plus the Noble Ruler or his designee, and the Chapter Adviser. One alumnus shall be elected every year by the Association to serve for a three-year term. The Advisory Committee shall report to the Board of Directors for the Oklahoma Alumni Association of Alpha Gamma Rho, Inc at each meeting and yearly to the entire association at the annual members meeting. The Advisory Committee, in cooperation with the Board of Directors, shall be responsible for securing funds for the purpose of endowing scholarships for Pi Chapter. The Advisory Committee shall be responsible to ensure that the funds are used effectively and managed to maintain growth as well as award monies as deemed appropriate.
    Tell me something about the Educational Foundation.
    The Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho was founded in 1965. The general purposes of the Educational Foundation are to provide financial support for educational and leadership purposes; to aid and assist needy and deserving students in securing a better education; and to promote and encourage scientific, philosophic and literary endeavors.
    Tell me something about the Pi Fund.
    The Pi Fund was founded in June of 2003. The Pi Fund was created as a way to secure a pool of flexible private funds to aid programs with the greatest needs. Dollars raised through the Pi Fund are very much needed for scholarships and academic development. These gifts help in the development of a quality education for our Brothers. This is why your regular gifts to Alpha Gamma Rho are so greatly appreciated.
    When do annual giving periods run?
    Annual giving runs from January 1 through December 31 of each year.
    Why is the Pi Fund Important?
    The Pi Fund has limitless possibilities. The larger we grow our endowment, the greater we can make our scholarship program, the more opportunities we can offer to our undergraduates and we can develop a recruitment edge when talking with high profile recruits.
    I donated to Nationals already, does that go towards Pi Chapter?
    Unless you designated Pi Chapter in the memo line of your check, then your contribution will not go directly towards benefiting Pi Chapter. If you have donated and thought that it would benefit Pi Chapter directly, you can contact the National AGR Fraternity at 816-891-9200 and specify that it go toward Pi Chapter if the donation was within the last year.
    How can I contribute?
    Please do not send contributions to the fraternity house. Please use the address below.

     Mike Hardin

    316 South Buckingham Road
    Stillwater, OK 74075

    Please make checks payable to Pi Fund of the Educational Foundation.
    Does the Pi Fund differ from the National Educational Foundation?
    Pi chapter has a fund set up within the Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Rho allowing alumni to ear mark donations for Pi Chapter and benefit from the tax advantages not available when donating directly to the chapter. This fund, within the Educational Foundation, is the Pi Fund.
    What does the Pi Fund do?
    The Pi Fund has been used to provide the endowment of the Aebi-Cox Memorial Scholarship. Future uses of the Pi Fund include Leadership Seminar and Rush training.
    Is my gift tax deductible?
    Yes. All gifts to the Pi Fund are tax deductible up to the limits set by federal law. We encourage you to consult with your tax advisor as to how to best utilize this great way for tax savings.