• How many Brothers live in the house?
    The house has a capacity of 86 men in 2 and 3 man bedrooms located on the seccond and third floors. The bedrooms are furnished (bed, closet, desk, chair) and are attached to a furnished common suite (couch, refirdgerator, chairs, table) in 2, 4, and 6 man arangements.
    What are your required GPA's
    AGR requires a 3.0 high school GPA and that you maintain a 2.6 cumulative collegiate GPA.


    At OSU the all Greek GPA is consistently higher than the non-Greek GPA and Alpha Gamma Rho's GPA is consistently higher than the Inter-fraternity Council average GPA
    What are your colors? What is your flower?
    Our colors are green and gold and our flower is the pink rose.
    What kind of philanthropy is AGR involved with?
    AGR is involved with Farm-Aid. Through Farm-Aid Brothers of the fraternity select deserving families that has ties to agriculture and helps them with task that they may not be able to afford to do. Past projects have included painting and demolishing barns, building fence and clearing brush. It is an opportunity to give back to our agriculture roots throughout the state.  In addition, members of Alpha Gamma Rho give both time and talents to numerous other philanthropic events.  Each year, Pi Chapter is recognized as one of the top organizations on campus including the area

    of philanthropy.


    AGR is also involved in the Winter Bonanza and Heart of a Champion livestock shows. These shows are held in December and all members particiapte in the execution of the events.
    What is the length of your new member program?
    AGR's new member program last approximately 72 hours. You will begin and be initiated into the fraternity before school starts. Although you are an initiated Brother, you will continue your education throughout your career as a member of Alpha Gamma Rho.
    How long will I have to live in the fraternity house?
    We require that you sign a contract to live in the house for 6 semesters.
    What kind of time commitment is required when joining?
    Membership in AGR requires from two to eight hours per week. Being part of AGR can be as time consuming as you choose. Participation in some events like Homecoming, Spring Sing, Freshman Follies, and Varsity Review, take more time than other activities. As a Brother of AGR you will learn time management skills early in you collegiate career.
    Does AGR cost more than living in the residence halls?
    While each individual chapter establishes its own fees, and the costs and services will vary from chapter to chapter, in a study completed by the Office of Fraternity and Sorrority Affairs the average expense was less to live in Greek housing.

    When room and board (14 meals per week) were compared between the averages of Greek chapters and single student housing provided by Residential Life, the average cost of Greek living was more than $300 less monthly!!

    That comparison did not include new member or initiation fees. Likewise, it did not include any social, parlor, or house corporation fees. All of these expenses are subject to change, please ask for the most up to date information prior to making any decision.

    We suggest you talk to our ruh chairman to discuss tjhe curret house bills at AGR.

    Does financial aid cover any of these expenses?
    Cash awards that students receive can be applied to room and board in the Greek chapter houses.
    If my son is considering joining a fraternity should he go ahead and submit his residence hall housing deposit in case he changes his mind?
    Absolutely! All freshmen are required to live in university-approved housing. It is important that he have his choice of housing on campus if he does choose to live in a Residential Life facility.

    If you do not wish to fill out the Residential Life application, you may apply for a waiver by filling out the Residential Hall Release
    If I join AGR and decide I don't like it, can I join another fraternity?
    That depends on several factors. As long as you have not been initiated into the chapter, there may be procedures to affiliate with another chapter. There will be a waiting period before that person can sign or affiliate with another chapter. That waiting period will vary based on gender and the circumstances surrounding the situation.
    Is hazing a problem?
    Oklahoma State University and Alpha Gamma Rho has very strict policies and the State of Oklahoma has laws against hazing. Additionally, the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council have adopted a governing document that speaks to the topic of hazing. When violations of the Hazing Code can be substantiated the responsible parties will be dealt with in a fast, firm, and fair manner.

    If you feel that you have been hazed, or that you son is a victim of hazing, please contact the OSU Office of Fraternity and Sorrority Affairs.


    Report Hazing by calling: 1-888-NOT-HAZE (668-4293).
    Are there campus rules for living in AGR? What are the rules regarding alcohol?
    Greek chapters are all considered "university approved housing". As such, freshmen are allowed to live in them and they must be substance-free and provide a house director. All OSU students must conduct themselves according to the Students Rights and Responsibilities. Additionally, the Greek community, through the governing bodies of IFC and Panhellenic have additional policies and expectations of their memberships. Alpha Gamma Rho maintains a strict drug and alcohol-free premises policy.  Members found in violation are immediately expelled.   

    What is a house director?
    A house director is a live-in adult, sometimes a graduate student, employed by the chapter house corporation. His or her duties vary from chapter to chapter. Generally, the house director serves as host or hostess for social events, supervises employed staff, counsels and works with members, and manages and maintains the house and kitchen. All sororities and fraternities with houses are required to have a house director.  Pi Chapter employes a House Mother who resides in an apartment on-premises with the men.
    What types of opportunities are there after college?
    Joining AGR is a lifetime commitment with lifetime benefits. Following graduation, members can find alumni groups from AGR all over the nation. These alumni groups offer the continuation of the friendship and experiences of Greek life.
    Can I get a tour of the Pi Chapter Fraternity House?
    You are more than welcome to come tour our fraternity house. Simply contact the rush chairmen and they will be happy to meet with you.
    How do I participate in rush?
    Fraternities at OSU participate in a summer rush. Rush is simply the way that prospective members (RUSHEES) interact with members of different Fraternities to find out where they are the most comfortable and where they feel they belong. Summer rush is an open rush, meaning that there are few requirements placed on RUSHEES and there is no timeframe that must be followed. Only a few rules exist:

    2. DIRTY RUSH (speaking negatively about other Fraternities to gain an unfair advantage by making false statements) IS PROHIBITED
    3. RUSHEES are not allowed to sign with any Fraternity until after a certain date, usually in mid-June, established by the University. Greek luncheons are held almost every week-day throughout the summer to provide rushees and their parents an opportunity to meet with representatives of different houses. Incoming students may register for these luncheons on the morning of their enrollment sessions at the university, and the luncheons are held in the Student Union.

    If you feel that you have been a victim of dirty rush, please inform the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs by completing their Complaint Form
    What is Greek Discovery Day?
    Greek Discovery Day is the first opportunity provided to graduating high school seniors to experience the OSU Greek System. It is usually held around the first Saturday in April. Every year hundreds of young men and women converge on Stillwater to begin to find out what Greek life is like. The day begins very informally at about 9:00 AM with a walk-around. All of the Greek organizations give a brief insight into what their organization is all about. All prospective members are highly encouraged to visit with members from every organization during this time to begin to familiarize themselves with the houses on campus. Later in the day, there is a presentation by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs. After lunch, groups are toured around campus and go to the different houses. This is another great opportunity to get a feel for what each house stands for and what their role is on campus. On the evening of Greek Discovery Day, nearly every Fraternity throws a 'Rush Party' which, by definition, is A NON-ALCOHOLIC EVENT. This should not be a competition, but a cooperation to help everyone find the house to which they belong. As a rushee and pledge, you should not have to change who you are to fit in with a certain organization, rather you should find the organization where you and your beliefs already fit in.


    What kind of activities is AGR involved in?
    AGR is involved in many activites throughout the year. Date parties, functions, Homecoming, Freshmen Follies, Spring Sing and the Big Event are a few of the activites throughout the year that fill our calendars.

    Freshmen Follies
    Oklahoma State has a rich musical tradition that allows members to not only sing and dance but to socialize with parnter sororities as well. Freshman Follies is specifically devoted to our freshman classes and takes place during the fall semester. Varsity Revue and Spring Sing is made up of memberrs from the entire membership and held in the spring semester. These events are opportunities for our members to display their creativity and have fun.

    Date Parties
    Date parties are organized get togethers in a supervised setting. Throughout the year you have the opportunity to enjoy the NASCAR Nation, go to Barndance or travel to the Spring Formal.