In 1923, Ms.Nellie Morpheus became the first housemother of Pi Chapter. Since then, a total of 23 women have served as a mom away from home for Pi Chapter.


    Ms Karen Roper became Mom in the fall of 2017. Mom is getting younger every year and was raised in Eastern New Mexico along the Llano Estacado cap rock on a cattle ranch and wheat farm. She learned to drive a tractor before a car and attended a very, very rural school for elementary. ( the kind where your a cousin to every other person.) She graduated from the big school in Melrose, New Mexico along with 27 classmates.  While in high school, she participated in class plays, showed sheep, played volleyball, basketball and ran track. She continued my education and basketball career at Eastern New Mexico University.  


    Mom has 3 beautiful, tough, and remarkable daughters that have given her 10 of the most talented, gorgeous, funny, entertaining grandchildren alive! (Not biased a bit as you can tell!)


    Mom hopes that the men of AGR will see these folks around some and become a part of our crazy, chaotic family!  She lives in Perkins and has been working at an Oil Terminal in Cushing with NGL Energy Partners. She attends and is active in her church, Lost Creek United Methodist Church which is a country church between Perkins and Stillwater. She has been involved with children's ministry for years and have traveled to many regions in mission work.  She believes that our lives on the good Earth is a mission. Our mission is to help someone and maybe someone in turn, will help you.


    Mom cant wait to begin our mission together!