Future Members

    • Why Go Greek?
      One of the main questions on every high school seniors mind when they apply to college is "Should I rush a fraternity and what are the benefits?"

      This is a very tough decision for most people, and there are many determining factors to consider. While evaluating the Greek system you must consider the reasons that make becoming part of the Greek system so worthwhile. Joining the Greek system is a good experience because it gives you a family that helps to make a home away from home, it gives you an easy way to become a major part of campus life, and it gives you excellent networking opportunities as you graduate and enter the workforce. As soon as you decide to go Greek and are accepted into a fraternity, you have an instant bond with the group that you chose to be a part of. You sometimes gain this bond even before your official initiation. This is very helpful for incoming freshmen that are not used to being away from home for the first time. It gives them a sense of security and a sense of familiar belonging. The family atmosphere is very supportive throughout the college experience. It is comforting knowing that you have a large group of people always there for you if you need a shoulder to cry on or a firm hand to help you up when you are down.
      AGR at Oklahoma State
      Since 1921, Alpha Gamma Rho has been building better men at Oklahoma State University. Men who live up to the high ideals that the Brothers before set, ideals that we strive for in our daily lives. We strive to uphold the high morals and standards that we believe in while "Making Better Men." If you think that you have what it takes to become a Brother of our fraternity, please contact us now. If you are an alumni that knows the name of a relative or friend that they believe would be a good addition to AGR, let us know. Make plans to visit the house and see how we operate and get a feel for what makes AGR special.

      Greek Discovery Day
      We also would like to invite you to Greek Discovery Day on the campus of OSU. It is held in the Spring semester of the year and showcases the fraternity system at Oklahoma State.

      Check the calendar to find out when Greek Discovery Day is and when the Mens Signing Day is.


    • Attention Alumni!!!

      Recruitment names are needed. The recruitment teams needs your help in identifying outstanding young men who intend to coming to OSU. Please take time to contact the recruitment team if you know of a student who would benefit in membership to Alpha Gamma Rho or encourage them to complete the online form.

    • Alpha Gamma Rho is a national agricultural fraternity. All our members have a sincere interest in agriculture from food, fiber, or fuel and see themselves actively involved in agricultural opportunities from production to value added end products and everything in between.

      The purpose of Alpha Gamma Rho is "To Make Better Men" and the men of Pi Chapter strive to meet the challenge of this purpose. Our members take an active role of developing leadership skills throughout Oklahoma State University and the College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources events and clubs. Strong academics and gentlemanly attributes are consistently emphasized.  The alumni of AGR are innovators, leaders, and educators in agriculture. All of these can be credited to Alpha Gamma Rho's past and present. Currently, the future looks just as bright.

      AGR sets the standard of excellence.  When one walks into Alpha Gamma Rho's front door, you can see the success of the chapter by the well-decorated wall and the full trophy case. In the trophy case one finds trophies from Homecoming, Varsity Review, Spring Sing and more.  We expect our members to strive for and experience strong academic success, professional internships, and leadership opportunities while at Oklahoma State.

      Besides having successful active members, AGR prides themselves with successful alumni.  Through the years our alumni developed the strong foundation and high expectations that cause our members to continue this fine tradition of getting a well balanced education—academics, leadership, and internships!  

      If you have a sincere interest in agriculture,  desire to be actively involved as a leader while on campus, want to seek opportunities to network with strong leaders in agriculture, and strive to excel academically as an Oklahoma State University student, then you need to express an interest in Alpha Gamma Rho.



    • Famous Brothers of Alpha Gamma Rho
      Orville Redenbacher-Popcorn King
      JC Penny-founder of JC Penny retail stores
      Earl Butz-Past Secretary of Agriculture
      Rick Perry (Texas A&M)-Governor of Texas
      Lee Morgan- former chairman, CEO, Caterpillar Tractor, Inc

      See more famous alumni on Wikipedia
      Famous Brothers of Pi Chapter

      National FFA Presidents
      Travis Jett-2005-2006
      James Bodie-1976-77
      Oliver Kinzie-1944-45
      Vernon Howell-1932-33 - 1st Oklahoman elected President of the National FFA Organization
      (4 of the 7 National FFA Presidents from Oklahoma have been AGR's)

      State 4-H Presidents
      Dusty Conner 2002-2003
      John Cothern 1993-1994
      Ernest Hellweger 1947-1948
      Ed McVicker 1934-1948

      Travis Brorson-actor and winner of America's Greatest Dog

      Alvin "Buck" Clements-was the 1st Native American to graduate with a degree in agriculture at OSU and has been inducted into the Oklahoma Agricultural Hall of Fame.

      Dr Walter Clore-pioneer in wine growing and agricultural research in Washington State and has been formally recognized by the Washington State Legislature as the "Father of Washington Wine." Among his contributions to wine growing in Washington state was his extensive research into what areas of the state that premium wine grapes (particularly Vitis vinifera) would most thrive in

      Allie P Reynolds-was the 1st OSU athlete to earn a professional athlete contract. In 1951 Reynolds became the first AL pitcher to hurl two no-hitters in one season and won the Hickock Belt in 1951 as the top professional athlete of the year.

      Dr Francis Tuttle-served as the Director of the State Department of Vocational and Technical Education in Oklahoma from 1967 until 1986. He distinguished himself internationally as an innovator and pacesetter in vocational education. Dr. Tuttle realized that a positive relationship between industry and education is vital for the success of both. His progressive ideas about vocational education helped Oklahoma become a model for other states to follow and the Francis Tuttle Technology Center is named in his honor.


      While we would like to claim Oklahoma State University graduate Garth Brooks as a member of our fraternity, he is not and never has been a member of Pi Chapter or Alpha Gamma Rho. We are proud of his accomplishments and success as fellow Cowboys and would certainly entertain his interest in initiation should he ever contact us.