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    Oklahoma State University
    The history of Oklahoma State University, also known as Oklahoma A&M College, starts well before Christmas Eve, 1890.

    The first institution of higher learning in the United States was formed in 1636 at Harvard University.

    The Morrill Act was signed into law in 1862. This legislation was signed by President Abraham Lincoln and is also known as the Land-Grant College Act. This legislation called for the establishment of colleges and universities to supplement the more elitist institutions of higher education. Land-Grant Colleges emphasized practical education but not the exclusion of the liberal arts.

    On April 22, 1889, the Oklahoma Territory was opened by land run and the population of Stillwater by the end of the day was 500.

    Territorial Governor George W. Steel, inside the McKennon Opera House located in Guthrie, signed the legislation that provided for an agriculture and mechanical college in Payne County, Oklahoma Territory, on Christmas Eve, 1890.

    December 14, 1891, 22 gentlemen and 23 ladies enrolled in the first classes at Oklahoma A&M College and John H. Adams officially became the first to sign the school register. (Only because his brother was sick.) The students attended class in the Stillwater Congregational Church as no buildings had yet to be constructed. The original tract of land that was given to Oklahoma A&M consisted of 200 acres made available by 4 homesteaders.

    The first building to be constructed on the campus was the College Building or Central Building, now known as Old Central. Students walked to class on board walkways to keep their shoes clean.

    Today, Oklahoma State University boasts an annual enrollment of over 20,000 students. It is now know as a Doctorial Degree Granting Research Land-Grant University. OSU has grown to become a power house in both the world of academia and athletically as well. Oklahoma State is known as a Truman Honor Institution, boast a ranked Osteopathic Medicine School, and 3 branch schools located in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Okmulgee. Athletically it has produced 49 National Championships, 4th in the NCAA and more individual championships than any other school in the Big XII Conference.
    Oklahoma State Univesity, College of Agriculture
    The College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources
    The College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources at OSU is involved in science, technology, business, education, research, production and environment are key elements in America's largest industry. In order to feed and clothe the five billion people of the world, the agricultural industry needs human capital scientists and specialists with needed skills in molecular genetics, human nutrition, soil and water sciences, international marketing, systems analysis, bio-systems and agricultural engineering and other specialties.

    The diverse careers available in agriculture offer many choices, and college graduates are needed to fill a wide variety of jobs in American agriculture. Graduates are needed in scientific research, marketing, financial services, and the processing of information, as well as production. OSU graduates can be a part of the modern agricultural technology that will bring new discoveries and techniques to the world.

    The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources prepares students to analyze information, explore opportunities and solve problems. Students are prepared in the science and technology of agriculture, and they also receive a solid general education in communications, humanities and social sciences. In the new agriculture, the graduate will have a rewarding career that will last as long as food is consumed and fiber is grown on this earth.

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