• Board of Directors

    The Oklahoma Alumni Association of Alpha Gamma Rho, Inc has a 15 member board of directors. The directors serve a three year term that begins and ends at the annual members meeting held during homecoming.


    The Noble Ruler, VNR-Finance and VNR-Planning serve as ex-officio (non-voting) members of the board.


    Term Ending 2014

    Wendell Custer

    Brendan Atkinson(Secretary

    Javen Moore

    Gant Mourer

    Scott Winters

    Term Ending 2015

    Matt Panach

    Ron Sharp

    Gary Clark

    A.L. Hutson (President)

    Mike Hardin (Treasurer)

    Term Ending 2016

    A.J. Jacques(Vice-President)

    Travis Thedford

    Don Kirby

    Will Gungoll

    Clay Hutson

  • Pi Fund Advisory Board

    The Pi Fund Advisory Board is responsible for the Pi Fund which is part of the National Educational Foundation of Alpha Gamma Ro and is a 501c3 organization.


    Term Ending 2014

    Jeremy Zweiacker


    Term Ending 2015

    Tyson Oschner


    Term Ending 2016

    Gant Mourer